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Bolen's Survival Inc.

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Bolen's Survival Inc. is owned by Billy Bolen and Dolly Bolen.

Billy Bolen teaches Emergency Preparedness, Emergency Survival, Traveling Security, Urban Security and Wilderness Survival.  Billy served 37 years with the Princess Patricia's Canadian Light Infantry, he is currently with the Canadian Rangers.  

Dolly Bolen is an Award Winning Artist, Graphic Artist, Award Winning Photographer and Writer located in Morinville, Alberta, Canada.  Dolly is proud to be a Certified Zentangle Teacher (CZT).  Dolly teaches online Zentangle classes on Zoom only.  

Dolly enjoys opening the door to creativity for others, helping them discover their artist within.   As artists, Dolly truly believes we should share our knowledge and love of art.  Drawing, painting, taking photographs and writing are her passions.  Dolly creates drawings, paintings and photographs which are for sale through Bolen's Survival Inc. website. 

Dolly is a member of the Alberta Community Art Clubs Association and the Allied Arts Council of Spruce Grove.